Faders and Knobs Do Not Move Smoothly

Last updated on 3/7/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 2015 Foxboro and earlier
  • SONAR X3 (all editions)
  • SONAR X2 (all editions)
  • SONAR X1 (all editions)
  • Music Creator 7
  • Music Creator 6 Touch
  • Music Creator 6

Note that this article does not apply to the Gloucester update (released July 2015) and later builds of SONAR Platinum, Professional and Artist.


If volume faders and knobs don’t move smoothly with the mouse, but snap between values instead, the most common solution is to reduce the Windows sizing options. SONAR and Music Creator require this setting to be at the minimum. In order to resolve this behavior:

  1. Open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display.
  2. Next:
    • On Windows 10, click "set a custom scaling level" and set the Scale percentage to 100%.
    • On Windows 8.1, move the slider to “Smaller,”
    • On Windows 7, click “Smaller - 100%.”
  3. Finally click the Apply button, logout and log back in to apply the changes.


If the sizing options are set to anything above “Smaller” or 100%, they will cause these abnormal graphical behaviors in Cakewalk software:

  • Volume faders jump between the minimum and maximum levels, they do not smoothly follow the mouse when clicked and dragged
  • Pan knobs, plug-in or ProChannel parameters snap uncontrollably between values
  • Text size is overly large and words are cut off
  • Duplicated menu bars
  • App window size shrinks after inserting the TruePianos soft synth

If reducing this setting makes it difficult to read what’s on your screen, try decreasing your graphic resolution in Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution. The minimum recommended resolution for SONAR and Music Creator is 1280x800.



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