Opening Browser and/or Switching Screensets containing Browser slow on some computers

Last updated on 3/29/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR Platinum/Professional/Artist
  • SONAR X3
  • SONAR X2
  • SONAR X1
  • Music Creator 7
  • Music Creator 6 Touch
  • Music Creator 6


If you are experiencing slow load times when doing either of the following:

  • opening the Browser
  • creating a project from a template containing the Browser
  • switching between Screensets that contain the Browser

You may be able to speed up the performance.

When the Browser is opened, the Media Browser portion of the Browser searches your hard drive for content. It will also search any external hard drives, optical drives, or even a floppy disk drive that you have connected to your computer.

In Windows, if you go into Start | Computer, do you have a Floppy Disk Drive listed under “Devices with Removable Storage”? If you see a Floppy Disk Drive listed but do not have one physically installed, you may still have drivers enabled for a Floppy Disk Controller that is built into your computer's motherboard.

Trying to open a Floppy Disk Drive in Windows without having a physical Floppy Disk Drive can take time before Windows detects that there is no media to be read.

If this is the case on your computer, it may be slowing down SONAR or Music Creator’s Browser performance.

To see if this is impacting the performance on your computer, try doing the following:

  1. Open the Run Command by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard and pressing “r”
  2. At the run prompt, type the following: devmgmt.msc
  3. Click [OK]. This will open the Windows Device Manager
  4. Click the [+] symbol to the left of “Floppy Disk Drives”
  5. Right-click on the “Floppy Disk Drive” listed below and select “Disable”

NOTE: this can always be re-enabled at any time by right-clicking and selecting “Enable.”


Afterwards, test opening the Browser and switching Screensets to see if it loads faster.

Keep in mind that this will not speed up the performance of your computer overall. If you are experiencing overall performance issues, we recommend contacting Technical Support for further assistance.


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