How do I use these synths in Multitimbral mode in Logic?

Last updated on 3/28/2016

To use Dimension Pro in multitimbral mode in Logic, you must create a custom environment as follows:


  1. Insert Dimension Pro (or Rapture) into an Instrument Track
  2. Open Dimension Pro Options dialog
  3. Enable 'Set Program As Multitimbral' and select OK

    Set Program As Multitimbral

  4. Open Logic's Environment window: Apple Command+8
  5. Select Audio Environment
  6. Scroll to find instrument track that contains Dimension Pro

    Audio Environment

  7. From the New menu add Multi Instrument
  8. Connect a virtual cable from the Multi Instrument to the Audio Instrument into which Dimension Pro is inserted

  9. When 'Cable and Channel Port is set!' message appears, choose 'Remove'

  10. In the Multi Instrument, click channels 1-4 to make them active
  11. Rename Multi Instrument to Dimension Pro
  12. Select Dimension Pro Instrument Track and set MIDI Ch to all
  13. In the Arrange Window, click+hold Dimension Pro track
  14. Navigate through menu Audio | Dimension Pro | 1 Grand Piano (note: Grand Piano represents Logic's default GM patch name and does not indicate a Dimension Pro sound program)

  15. From the Track menu, choose 'Create With Next Instrument' Mac: Apple Command+Shift or Win: Ctrl+Shift+Enter
  16. In Dimension Pro, select Elements 1-4 and load the desired Multisample (be sure to select all the elements that you intend to use)

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