Handpicked Sound Library

We've compiled some of the best and most sought-after sounds from Rapture Pro in a simple, streamlined interface.

Atmospheric Nightmare Scattered Harmonics Angry Robot Bulky Octave Funk Clicky Melody Phaser Saws Video Game Reverse Piano Berlin Love

Browser icon Browser

A sleek, simple interface powered by the premium sounds of Rapture Pro, expandable with our ever-growing list of sound packs.

Rapture Session Browser
Rapture Session Browser
Rapture Session Browser
Rapture Session Browser

Instrument Library

Rapture Session includes 11 instrument types picked from Rapture Pro, chock-full of presets that can be easily mapped to your MIDI controller for amazing performance possibilities.

Looking for more power?

Learn more about Rapture Pro - featuring 20 instrument types, nearly 10GB of sounds and a fully-featured demo.

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