ProChannel Modules

Additional ProChannel modules are now available separately for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, SONAR X2 Producer, SONAR X3 Producer, SONAR X3 Studio, SONAR Platinum and SONAR Professional.

David Bendeth Signature Compressor preview image

David Bendeth Signature Compressor

The +10db Compressor Plug-in is the brainchild of multi-platinum award-winning producer David Bendeth.

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Vintage Keyboard FX preview image

Vintage Keyboard FX

Virtual rack packed with outstanding models of vintage analog effect processors, especially suited for keyboard players - now with ProChannel compatibility.

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ProChannel Concrete Limiter preview image

ProChannel Concrete Limiter

Tame rogue peaks and get punchier, in your face, mixes with the ProChannel Concrete Limiter.

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CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier preview image

CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier

Faithfully modeled after one of the most sought after studio compressors in history, get the silky, smooth sound of this highly desirable unit in your mix.

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PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate preview image

PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate

The PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate Module rounds out our legendary, vintage-style, ProChannel modeling.

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PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor preview image

PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor

PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor adds vintage-era, console-style, channel compression to every ProChannel strip.

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Softube Mix Bundle preview image

Softube Mix Bundle

Five essential tools that give you full control over the key elements of building a mix—compression, equalization, and reverb. Available in VST and ProChannel versions.

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