Restoring LP's and using audio effects

Last updated on 3/28/2016

Audio Creator users open the "Editor Module". Vinyl Recorder users open the "Recorder". Bring the file you'd like to clean up by going to File | Import or File | Open. For the example we used Audio Creator's "AudioRestore" plugin. You can use the same process to insert any plugin on your computer.

Here's an example that applies to both Audio Creator and Vinyl Recorder: Audio Creator Effects

  1. Left or Right click the FX Bin area in the Editor.
  2. Browse to the "Cakewalk" section (depending on the plugins you have, you may see a different menu than what the mock-up shows).
  3. Left-Click the "AudioRestore" plug-in to insert it.
  4. Once the plugin inserts & launches, play your audio and adjust the plugin's settings to your liking (press "F1" to see the plug-in's help).
  5. Save your file (if you choose to save as a "project", you will also save the plug-in settings and be able to fine-tune them in the future if needed).
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