Editing Audio

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The "Editor" or "Recorder" module displays files as waveforms (graphical representations of audio files), and gives you simple audio editing tools to do common editing tasks quickly and easily. Most audio editing involves simple cut-copy-paste edits, adding fade-ins or fade-outs, and adjusting volume. However, the Editor/Recorder module also contains numerous professional-level editing tools and commands that are there if you need them. You can use plug-in audio effects, convert bit depths and sample rates, normalize, remove DC offset, and more.

Here's a description of the tools in the Editor/Recorder module:

A. Toolbar
B. Time Ruler
C. Waveform
D. Scroll button
E. Navigator view
F. Transport controls (rewind, record, pause, stop, play, go to end)
G. Loop On/Off
H. Set Loop to Selection
I. Status bar
J. FX bin
K. Playback/Record meters
L. Now Time display
M. Name of current project

Here's a description of the tools in the Toolbar:

A. New Project
B. Import Audio
C. Save current audio file
D. Time Select tool
E. Clip Select tool
F. Show and Fit Selection
G. Show All (displays your whole project)
H. Scrub tool
I. Fade In tool
J. Fade Out tool
K. Envelope tool
L. Show/Hide Envelopes
M. Normalize tool
N. Split
O. Insert Marker
P. Help

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