Cakewalk External Encoder Config Utility

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 4 and up

Introduced with SONAR 4 is support for External Command-line encoders, Such as LAME, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, etc. If an external command-line encoder is installed on your machine, the Cakewalk External Encoder Config' utility allows you to add the encoder to SONAR's list of available file formats when exporting audio (File-Exporting-Audio). 

To use the utility, start SONAR and go to Tools > Cakewalk Ext Encoder Config (in newer products this is found under the Utilities menu), then specify the proper setting or the encoder you wish to use.

Note: the SONAR 4 CD-ROM includes several pre-defined profiles for various encoders. These profiles can be found in the \Utilities\External Encoder profiles folder on CD1. You can use these profiles as a starting point when creating your own profiles. Simply double-click the appropriate .REG file to add the information to the Windows registry, then use the 'Cakewalk External Encoder Config' Utility to specify the correct install path of the encoder.

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