Some External Audio Could Not be found

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR (All SONAR Family Products)
  • Guitar Tracks Pro (All Versions)
  • Music Creator (All Versions)

This can happen for multiple reason:

  • You saved your .wrk or .cwp files to a floppy disc or other non-local non-hard drive on the system. You than ran Clean Audio Disk.
  • You deleted the folder marked 'Wave Data' or 'Audio Data'. Note that all of the audio data for a song is saved in the Wave Data folder in Cakewalk. Therefore, saving a .wrk or .cwp file to disk will not back up the audio. To save the audio and .wrk/.cwp file, you need to save as a bundle file (.bun or .cwb). These files are very large and will only fit on a CD-R or thumb drive. The Clean Audio Disk Function searches the hard drive for .wrk/.cwp files and their associated .wav files. If it finds .wav files and no matching .wrk on the system, it will delete them.
  • You moved your wave data directory but did not change your settings under Options | Audio | Advanced | Data Directory, or under Options | Global | Audio Data.

If you believe your audio files are still on the system, you may be able search for them:

Choose Start | Find | Files or Folders. Type in the following:


Make sure Windows is looking in My Computer and the Advanced options have the "Hidden Files" option checked. Click Find Now, and you'll see a list of .WAV files appear in the window below. Take a note of their locations. If the path of these .WAV files is not the same as the path you saw in Cakewalk, you'll need to reconcile that. The easiest way is to use Windows Explorer to simply move all the .WAV files into the proper location. Once done, your files should open properly. (If the Find | Files or Folders does not come up with any .WAV files, they are most likely lost from the hard drive, and you'll need to re-create your files. )

If the .WAV files are found and are in the correct location but you still receive the error, there is a way to manually recreate your files. Open a file that gives you the error message. Choose File | Import Audio, and navigate to the location of the .WAV files. In the Name field type *.*, and hit Enter. You'll now see all of the .WAV files listed. You may be able to audition them using the Play button, or you can tell which ones are which by the creation date. Double click on the files to import them into Cakewalk. Once they're all in, you'll need to rearrange them properly, then resave the file.

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