Membership FAQ

Last updated on 9/15/2017

What is a "Membership" product?

A "membership" product is a product that gives you access to the latest Rolling Updates and support, such as SONAR Artist, SONAR Professional and SONAR Platinum. Your are eligible for new Rolling Updates and support each month that your membership is active. You can view a list of all Rolling Updates here.

What does it mean if my membership expires?

If your membership has expired, it means you will no longer be delivered new Rolling Updates and be eligible support. If you would like to renew your membership you can do so here.

My membership expired, can I still use my software?

This depends on if you officially "own" it.

  • If you paid "upfront" or through the "annual" payment option, then you are given 12 months of updates and automatically own your version of SONAR.
  • If you paid "monthly" or through the "rent-to-own" payment option, then you must complete 12 consecutive payments to obtain ownership status.

How do I check if I "own" my version of SONAR?

Simply launch SONAR and then go to the Help > About menu. If you see the words "Status: owned", then you own it!

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