SONAR X3d Update

Last updated on 3/28/2016

A new update is available for SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer that addresses user reported issues. In order to install this update you must have SONAR X3 already installed. Note that this is a cumulative update. You can install SONAR X3d directly over the SONAR X3 release version (available on discs), the SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download), the SONAR X3b update or the SONAR X3c update.

Fixes and Enhancements

The information below documents a number of fixes and enhancements that are part of SONAR X3d. Because SONAR X3d is cumulative, installing it will bring you up to date with all of the following fixes as well as all of the fixes contained within SONAR X3b and SONAR X3c. The fixes in SONAR X3d include (but are not limited to) the following:

Video Enhancements:

As of SONAR X3d, SONAR’s video engine defaults to using Microsoft’s Media Foundation framework, rather than DirectShow. This fundamentally improves the way video files are loaded, played, edited and exported in SONAR. Media Foundation generally supports most older formats supported by DirectShow as well as many newer formats such as H264 video. A full list of media formats supported by Media Foundation can be found here

As a result of this change, a large number of long-standing bugs and limitations with importing videos and video playback have been resolved. For backwards compatibility, SONAR's video engine can still be switched to use the DirectShow engine. More information on switching SONAR's video engine can be found here.

NOTE: The Media Foundation engine in SONAR X3D does not support Windows Vista. If you are running Windows Vista your video engine will default to using DirectShow. 

Stability Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with Antares AVOX VST 3 plug-ins crashing SONAR (CWBRN-20936)
  • Resolved a crash when using two instances of Catanya sending VSTi MIDI Out to SONAR (CWBRN-22141)
  • The iZotope Radius.dll shipped with SONAR has been updated, resolving several stability issues with AudioSnap when bouncing down clips using the offline Radius rendering algorithms
  • Resolved an issue where closing a project with a VST3 plug-in in the ProChannel FX Chain's FX Bin could result in a crash


  • Resolved an issue where the Now Time Marker would not stay at it's original position when "On Stop Rewind to Now Marker" was enabled
  • Resolved an issue where fractional scrolling would prevent snapping to the top of the track when using the up and down cursor keys to scroll tracks and buses
  • Resolved an issue where the Rex Shared Library.dll was missing in 32-bit versions of SONAR X3 Studio, causing features dependent on it to not work properly
  • Resolved an issue where clicking a loop in the Browser would remove the loop from the Browser as well as move it from it's current location on the hard drive to the Project Audio Folder
  • Resolved an issue where inserting a mono plug-in first in an FX Chain would not update the interleave button to mono
  • Resolved an issue where the order of Take Lanes would behave abnormally when switching Screensets
  • Resolved an issue where Delete Hole would fail if clips were selected via clip selection versus timeline selection
  • Resolved an issue where pressing CTRL while slip editing would capture the mouse
  • Resolved an issue where saved projects would not upload to Gobbler if a drive was unwatched
  • Resolved an issue where keybindings for snap to triplet note durations would fail
  • Resolved an issue in the Console View and Inspector where dragging and dropping plug-ins would drop them into the wrong order
  • Improved VST3 Plug-in Preset Support

Audio & MIDI:


  • Resolved an issue where moving clips on a Simple Instrument Track would reassign the tracks MIDI input from a VSTi MIDI Output ports to all hardware MIDI ports
  • Resolved an issue where VSTi's would not output audio when Undoing a recording and Rewinding to Zero if Fade in and Fade Out were configured to a value greater then zero.
  • Resolved a rare issue where expanding and collapsing track folders could prevent a project from playing back
  • Resolved an issue where Record Arm was slow to respond when Tracks were in Folders and Dynamic Arm was enabled
  • Resolved a "Out of Memory" error given when importing MP3 files with IDE3 v2.4 tags
  • The Now Time now syncs properly between the Track View and the Loop Construction View (CWBRN-21458)
  • Resolved an issue with playback in the Loop Construction View not starting at the same position as the Now Time (CWBRN-21504)




  • Resolve an issue where the Console Emulator would buzz when inserted on Mono tracks with the 64-bit double precision engine enabled (CWBRN-21129, CWBRN-21546, CWBRN-21104)
  • Resolved an issue where the QuadCurve EQ Flyout FFT would stop analyzing with the 64-bit double precision engine enabled
  • Resolved an issue where the QuadCurve EQ would stop processing audio if the Global ProChannel On/Off button was used to disable it, the track was frozen, and then the EQ was turned back on



  • Opening Offline Help from the various Import and Export dialogs no longer opens Help behind SONAR (CWBRN-4199)
  • Resolved an issue where some ProChannel graphics would not draw properly when controls were manipulated in 32-bit versions of SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where resizing the MultiDock or bus pane height would also change track height for tracks that were previously zoomed into via the ALT + mouse wheel gesture.
  • Resolved an issue where track heights would not open to default heights correctly in certain templates
  • Resolved an issue where the Now Time in the Track View and Piano Roll View would become out of sync when using the MultiDock
  • The Smart Tool no longer draws Fade handles on MIDI clips when hovering over MIDI clips
  • Resolved an issue where some parameters would not display that they were in Offset Mode properly when set to their default positions
  • Segmented meters for MIDI tracks now display green clip indicator instead of red for a clip indicator
  • Text no longer cut off in the Track Control dropdown in European localized versions of SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where PRV lines semi-disappear when hovering over with tools (CWBRN-18629)
  • Resolved an issue where track name text color would not change until brightness, hue or saturation were adjusted
  • Resolved an issue where crossfades could potentially display erroneous waveform data
  • Mouse down on Preferences menu no longer changes font weight
  • Resolved an issue where Composite Clips of mixed mono and stereo clips would draw mono clips abnormally
  • Key bindings listed in the Navigator context-menu are now displayed properly
  • Text label for Quick Start in German translation no longer crowded
  • Reset VST Settings dialog translated for ES/DE/IT languages
  • Text in VST Scan toast notifications is no longer cropped in European and Japanese localized installations of SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where the Now Time would become stuck after the monitor refreshed (such as from waking from sleep or when altering screen resolutions while SONAR was minimized)
  • Resolved an issue where the Color Preferences menu would display overlapped controls on Japanese installations of SONAR
  • Resolved an issue with the QuadCurve EQ flyout spectrum analyzer that caused the analyzer to fill the plot, then decay away, whenever the zoom window was opened
  • Opening a Flyout panel for the QuadCurve EQ will now close any other Flyout panels (even if they are pinned) so you can see the EQ properly
  • Resolved an issue where the Zoom Tool would not clear selection after zooming
  • The Track View's View and Tracks menus now display missing shortcuts for the various menu options
  • The Surround Panner widget is now displayed properly for Simple Instrument Tracks
  • Synth Browser Name is no longer automatically highlighted after inserting a new synth into the Synth Rack
  • The Clip Effects Bin is now right-aligned when dragging and dropping effects onto clips
  • The widget for the Track Control Manager now resizes dynamically
  • Drag Reorder and Drag Copying plug-ins now displays the correct cursor
  • AudioSnap Transient Marker context menu now displays missing shortcuts
  • Numerous other minor UI adjustments for an overall cleaner interface



Installation Instructions

Installation is as easy as downloading the appropriate update from the links below for your version of SONAR and running the installer. The on screen instructions will guide you through the rest. This update is cumulative. You can install SONAR X3d directly over the SONAR X3 release version (available on discs), the SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download), the SONAR X3b update or the SONAR X3c update.

If you experience any issues downloading or installing the update, we recommend temporarily disabling any anti-virus software or background services that might be running, such as Windows Update, as they may interfere with the installation process.

To install this update you must be a registered SONAR X3 owner. Additionally, you can access a link to the proper update for your version by going to Help > Check for Program Updates.

Please note that "N" versions of Windows 7 and 8 require additional installation steps. More information here.

Additional Installation Steps Regarding Documentation:

Both the offline and the online version of SONAR X3's documentation has been updated to include new topics pertaining to SONAR X3d as well as numerous corrections from user feedback.

We recommend clearing your browser's cache if any new topics are not displaying for you. You can also press F5 to refresh the current page you are on. The offline .chm version has been updated as well. No action is necessary for those changes. If you prefer the offline .chm version, you can set F1 to open it by default by going to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced and selecting "Always Use Offline Help".




Download Links

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3d update for SONAR X3 Producer 

        (Approx. 626.98 MB, MD5: efa084312df8232e31549804b3fec384 )

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3d update for SONAR X3 Studio 

        (Approx. 607.02 MB, MD5: 72cf50827f4c996bf6c7717654d58912)

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3d update for SONAR X3 

        (Approx. 586.84 MB, MD5: 9e5ed29d035c6a4cbdaed9e1b7283ce2)












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