SONAR X3 Demo (Javier Colon & Jimmy Landry - These Arms)

Last updated on 3/11/2016

The SONAR X3 Demo Project featuring Javier Colon and Jimmy Landry's "These Arms" is available in the links below. Three versions of the project are available depending on the version of SONAR X3 you own (and what plug-ins may be accessible).

We asked Cakewalk's Jimmy Landry to tell us a little bit about this project. Below:

Javier Colon & Jimmy Landry – These Arms

This track was written and recorded completely in SONAR X3 by Javier Colon and Cakewalk’s Head of PR and Artist Relations Jimmy Landry.  Javier Colon was the winner of Season 1 of NBC’s The Voice, and has been a long time SONAR user.  The track was inspired by those certain moments and the newness of fatherhood which both Colon and Landry remember well not too long ago.  “I remember just sitting there alone with my newborn son and a million thoughts and emotions going through my head,” states Landry.  “Lyrically, this song pulls the listener through some of those notions.  In terms of music, I can’t even begin to explain how great it was for Javier and I to work in X3 on this track.  From the new comping feature, to the colors, to the killer drums sounds of addictive drums along with all the other new bells and whistles – now SONAR literally has everything you need to create a polished commercial sounding track in any genre.  The only downer was that I didn’t need Melodyne with Javier – haa.”

"These Arms" Copyright 2013 Javier Colon (ASCAP) and Jimmy Robertson Landry (ASCAP).  All rights reserved and any unauthorized use other than described herein is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
Mixed and Produced by Jimmy Landry completely in SONAR X3 specifically for X3 demonstration purposes.
Arranged by Jimmy Landry and Javier Colon
Vocals: Javier Colon (
Guitars: Javier Colon and Jimmy Landry
Programming, bass and keys: Jimmy Landry (
Cello: Jody Redhage of Rose & The Nightingale ( /

Please respect the tracks in this project and keep them inside SONAR.  Thank you for all of your support! -Cakewalk

DownloadSONAR_X3_Demo-Javier_Colon (Approx. 718.74 MB)
DownloadSONAR_X3_Studio_Demo-Javier_Colon (Approx. 654.32 MB)
DownloadSONAR_X3_Producer_Demo-Javier_Colon (Approx. 718.76 MB)


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