DirectX 9 Installation Problems

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • Pyro 1.5
  • Pyro 2003
  • Project5
  • Music Creator 2
  • Music Creator 2002
  • Home Studio 2002 & 2002 XL
  • Home Studio 2004 & 2004 XL
  • Home Studio 9
  • Pro Audio 9
  • Plasma 1
  • Plasma 2003
  • SONAR 1
  • SONAR 2

Some legacy Cakewalk products will not install properly on systems with DirectX 9 installed.

If you receive an error message stating "You must install DirectX 8 to proceed" or "You are not running Windows 95. Please upgrade to Win 98, ME, XP..." this may be caused by the presence of Microsoft DirectX 9. Since the installers built into these products were designed with earlier versions of DirectX in mind, they may experience this problem when DirectX 9 is detected.

By following the steps below it is possible to install any of our products on a PC where DirectX 9 is present.

  1. Open your CD drive and insert the installation CD of the Cakewalk product you're trying to install.
  2. Download this file. and save it to your Desktop
  3. Unzip the file by right-clicking on it and selecting "Extract All".
  4. Double-click on DirectXUtility.exe to begin the installation. 
    NOTE: The utility does NOT actually revert you to DX 8 or uninstall DX 9.

Please note that this problem affects installation only. If you've already installed one of our products such as SONAR or Pyro 2003, they will function correctly. The program's operation itself is NOT affected by the presence of DirectX 9, it is simply the installer. If your Cakewalk product is installed and running, you do not need to do anything. Enjoy the software.

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