Initialization Files Parameters for Pro Audio and Professional

Last updated on 3/31/2016


[Wincake] section

AskSysxAutoSend=n non-zero to ask before sysx auto send, dflt=1
AlwaysTrackViewSelection=n non-zero => sel track from Track View, not current view, dflt=0
BaseOctave=n starting octave number at MIDI note 0, dflt=0
CachePatches=n non-zero to enable patch-caching, dflt=1
CALFileDir=xx* where to find .CAL files, dflt=installdir
GrooveFileDir=xx where to find Groove Quantize files, dflt=installdir
MaxUndoSteps=n max #operations you can undo, dflt=128
RewindAtEnd=n non-zero to rewind after playing till end of song, dflt=1
ShareDrivers=n non-zero to share MIDI drivers, dflt=0
SysxFileDir=xx* where to find sysx load/save bank files, dflt=installdir
WorkFileDir=xx where to find workfiles, dflt=installdir
WaveFileDir=xx where to find wave files, dflt=windowsdir


[Options] section

FlywheelAmount=n* SMPTE flywheel time 1/10 sec, dflt=5
ChaseDelay=n* sync chase delay 1/10 sec, dflt=20
MMCPort=n** limits MMC commands to a single port, dflt=-1=all
MMCPreRoll=n** MMC pre-locate amount 1/10 sec, dflt=ChaseDelay
MMCDelayMsecs=n** MMC Delay between commands, dflt=100
SyncAllowRateTweak=n non-zero to track rate when we sync, dflt=1
SysxDelayAfterF7=n non-zero to pause between each sysx string, dflt=0
SysxSendPacketSize=n # bytes between sysx tx delays, dflt=1024
SysxSendDelayMsecs=n # msecs delay between sysx tx bufs, dflt=60
SysxReceiveBuffers=n* desired # of sysx rx bufs, dflt=128
SysxReceiveBuffersSize=n* size to alloc each sysx Rx buf, dflt=512
ForceNoteOff=n non-zero for note-off vel 64 else note-on vel 0, dflt=0
RecordLengthDesired=n desired record buffer size in kbytes, pwr of 2, dflt=16
SendLocalOff=n non-zero to set synths to Local Off at startup, dflt=1
SendLocalOn=n non-zero to set synths to Local On at exit, dflt=0
Timebase=n* default timebase, dflt=120

*=Cakewalk Professional and Pro Audio only

**=Cakewalk Professional 3.01 and Pro Audio only

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