Configuring Music Creator LE for use with USB microphones

Last updated on 3/21/2016

To configure Music Creator LE for use with your USB microphone:


  1. Launch Music Creator LE and go to Options | Audio
  2. On the General Tab, set your Driver Mode to MME (32-bit) and click [Apply] if it is not already set as such.
  3. When prompted with the message "We must now perform a series of tests... Would you like your hardware to be tested now", click [Yes].
  4. When the test is finished, click [Close].
  5. Set your Recording Device to your USB microphone.


Note: Depending on your model microphone it may be listed by its model number or simply as "USB Audio CODEC", “USB Audio Device” or as "Generic USB Audio Device".

a)  If your USB microphone contains a headphone output jack, then assign your Playback Device to it as well.

b)  If your USB microphone does not contain a headphone output jack, then select your internal sound card or audio interface for your Playback Device.

  1. Click [Apply] and then [OK].

To configure a track for recording:



  1. Create a new project by going to File | New and select "Normal" from the list of templates. Click [OK].
  2. Assign your input to your USB microphone’s left input as indicated by the arrow in the picture below:





  1. If necessary, assign your output to your internal audio card or audio interface. If your USB microphone has a headphone jack, then assign the output to your microphone.
  2. After assigning your inputs and outputs, click on Track 1's Record ARM [] button so it is depressed [] to arm the track for recording.
  3. If you also want to listen to your microphone as you are recording, click on the Input Echo button [] so it is depressed [].



Note: When input monitoring, you may hear a delay due to latency. This can be adjusted by reducing your Mixing Latency under Options | Audio | General. If you experience distorted audio or dropouts, increase your Mixing Latency. If your mic supports direct monitoring and you wish to use this instead, turn off Input Echo.

  1. To begin recording, click on the Record button on the Transport.

For additional assistance with your USB microphone or other hardware, please contact the hardware vendor directly.

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