USB Music Pack Driver

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Information in this article applies to:

  • Music Creator 3
  • Cakewalk USB Music Pack

First download and install the latest driver for the USB Music Pack here..
Once you have downloaded the file, double click to open it, then open the Readme_E.htm file which will have detailed instructions for installing the driver properly.

Note: The USB Music Pack interface is officially supported under Windows 2000 and XP only. If you have Windows Vista and need a fully supported interface, please look into the Edirol UM Series MIDI interfaces, which are Vista compatible.

Windows Vista users: The UM-1C does not have dedicated Vista drivers. It only works with the class compliant (Plug & Play Drivers). To use the UM-1C on Vista:


  1. Disconnect the UM-1C from your computer
  2. Close any open programs
  3. Set the "Advanced Driver" switch on your UM1-C to "OFF"
  4. Connect your UM-1C to your computer and then wait for Vista to say that the device is installed and ready to use before opening any programs




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