Release date: Friday, July 14, 2006

Cakewalk® Releases Free Expansion Packs for Rapture™ and Dimension Pro™ Software Synthesizers

—Free Rapture Expansion Pack 1 and Dimension Pro Expansion Pack 1 are available now to registered customers; each pack includes 350 new programs and hundreds of new samples and wavetables, more—

Boston, MA — Cakewalk, developer of the world’s best selling music and sound software, today announces free Expansion Packs for Rapture and Dimension Pro synthesizers for Mac and PC. The Expansion Packs are available now as free downloads to registered Rapture and Dimension Pro customers from

The Rapture and Dimension Pro Expansion Packs are in direct response to success of the new Cakewalk Instruments line and the result of active dialog with our users. We view these free soundware updates as an example of Cakewalk's commitment to the very best in product support for our customers.

“We immediately heard from customers that they were inspired by the sophisticated sounds in Rapture and Dimension Pro,” commented Rene Ceballos, Cakewalk Instruments development lead. “Tracks rendered through Expression Engine, exclusive to the Cakewalk Instruments Line, just sound better, so it’s natural that customers would be looking for even more sounds for these instruments,” added Ceballos.

Rapture Expansion Pack 1 highlights

  • 350 new programs and over 110 MB of new samples and wavetables.
  • New programs expand the factory sound set with new Basses, Drums, Keys, Leads, Film Textures and Sound Effects, Organs, Pads, Sequences, Sweeps, and Analog Sounds.
  • Includes new wavetables and multisamples including analog synthesizers, vintage analog and vinyl drums, FM textures, and sound landscapes created with Rapture itself.
  • Designed by Nico Herz of BigTone Studios, Chad Beckwith, and René Ceballos.

Dimension Pro Expansion Pack 1 highlights:

  • 350 new programs and over 120 MB of new samples and wavetables.
  • New programs expand the factory sound set with new Digital and FM sounds, Dimensions, Electric Pianos, Guitars, Leads and Keys, Orchestral sounds, Organs, Real and Synth Basses, Clusters and Harmonies, Splits and Layers, Sweeps, Analog sounds, Pads, Twisted Waveguide patches, and World sounds.
  • Includes a new emulation of the legendary Hammond B3™ organ. Each component of the original organ, including all drawbar levels, percussion level, keyclick, the rotary speaker, drive, and cabinet simulator were precisely crafted to recreate all characteristics of this legendary instrument.
  • The pack includes new wavetables, multisamples, and cabinet/speaker simulations.
  • Programs were designed by Ruben Nievas, Chad Beckwith, and René Ceballos.

About Dimension Pro and Rapture
Rapture is the first product of its kind, combining one of the most advanced and exciting modulation systems available. Dimension Pro is the critically acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis, providing endless sound possibilities. Both products are built upon the unrivaled, non-aliasing Expression Engine™, a hallmark of the unparalleled sound quality and creativity found exclusively in the Cakewalk Instruments Line.

Pricing and Availability

Registered customers can download the Rapture Expansion Pack and Dimension Pro Expansion Pack today. Visit the Rapture and Dimension Pro product pages to listen to sound examples and to get more information on these instruments, or call 888-CAKEWALK, +1 (617) 423-9004.

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